Day 138 – Young Tongues

Another short post today – courtesy of my son’s birthday. Wee man is turning two and there’s an impromptu party to get to.

So I figured that something suitably ass-kicking and awesome was in order to mark this momentous day – and it’s come in the guise of Austin, Texas, rockers Young Tongue.

This is the opening track Horse and Whales from their 2014 album Death Rattle and it’s excellent stuff. Duelling guitars thrashing out intricate licks amid some soaring bass and drums, it’s an aural alt-rock assault that I’ve been really enjoying this week.

The rest of the album is good too, but this is (in my opinion) the pick of the crop. It’s broody, moody and interesting – and the decision to cut from blistering heavy rock into a soft piano-led outro at the drop of a hat is proof of the latter of those descriptions. There’s not many bands who could pull of that kind of sharp temp switch, but it really works here.

Hope you enjoy it (and happy birthday Fin).

* Unfortunately there’s no video version of this song I can find, so here’s a band camp link as well as the Spotify player.


However, if you want a video, here’s Cat Calls from the same album. It’s pretty good too.

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