Day 137 – Daniela Andrade

It’s been another day where time has, for one reason or another, completely gotten away from me – which means that my plans of posting something a) insightful or b) at least halfway competent have been scuppered.

So instead, here’s an awesome little song from Canadian indie folk singer Daniela Andrade. Simple, elegant and sweet, this is a beautiful ear worm of a tune that I’ve been regularly humming for the past few weeks.

The name of the song is Bright Blue and it’s taken from her 2012 album Things We’ve Said – which is also awesome. Go check it out.

Unfortunately I’ve only got an acoustic version of the song on video (with a weird animation thing over the top. It’s not an official vid by the looks of it), but it’s still good. However, I prefer the album version which is on the Spotify link.


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