Day 129 – Courtney Barnett

Some melodic slacker rock today, with this awesome wee tune from Australia’s Courtney Barnett.

With a rambling, Ida Maria-esque raspy drawl intricately spitting out lyrics with the ferocity of a tommy gun, this song – History Eraser, taken from her 2013 double EP A Sea of Split Peas – is a wonderful bit of music. There’s lilting drone-y guitars combined with a blunted humming chant in a catchy chorus that kind of reminds me (vocally at least) of mid-era Hole – albeit with more than a hint of Sheryl Crow sprinkled on the top.

Sure it’s a throwback sound, but it’s also not one that I typically get to hear these days. Even in the four months of doing this music challenge, I haven’t really come across anyone channelling a mix of All I Wanna Do with The Breeders’ Cannonball, or even attempting to replicate similar slacker sounds from their contemporaries. You get enough harking back to 90s skater punk, alt rock and even a pinch of grunge here and there, but this stuff seems to be consigned to the history books – and that’s a shame.

So yeah, taken a listen and see what you think. Hopefully you’ll like it as much as i DO.


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