Day 127 – Blood Red Shoes

Like many people in the UK, I’m back in the office today and wiping the holiday cobwebs away from my unused-for-two-weeks-brain. So I thought it was time to dust off the ass kicking Monday rock posts that I was doing before the festive break.

Therefore, here’s something a little more high octane for today. This is the brilliant An Animal by Brighton alt rock duo Blood Red Shoes and it’s a nice wee uplifting tonic to set the mood.

I’m a big fan of this tune – from the Kasabian-meets-Subways-esque vocals and the thumping relentless drum beat right through to the razor sharp lead guitar part that kind of sounds like the result of ZZ Top being rogered with a barbed wire-covered 2×4 while riffing out Sharp Dressed Man. It’s all just packaged together with a nice amount of aplomb and attitude to elevate it from your typical wannabe alt/punk rock act and, above all, it’s catchy as hell.

There’s a lot of other good tracks on the eponymous album this tune is taken from – their fourth LP in total – that are well worth checking out, but this is the one that stuck out for me. Brash, crass and in your face (but without compromising melodically to achieve it), this is a great song to put some wind in your sails. Much love for it.


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