Day 126 – Big Sixes

Some good honest indie rock today courtesy of Buckinghamshire-based Big Sixes, with their ace single Heaven Sent.

This is a wonderful track – all sweeping, eloquent guitar work, occasional electronic background ambience and Anthony Keidis-esque lead vocal work. At times, it’s very Red Hot Chili Peppers (in a good Californication way), but with echoes of mid 90s Britpop a la Oasis and Suede – including some stirring Noel Gallagher-like backing singing on the bridge after the second chorus.

One caveat though: if you’re the kind of listener that gets turned off a tune within the first few chords, please do stick with this one. I know, the very opening bars may reek slightly of mediocre 90s alt rock, but there’s some great stuff here that is well worth staying with. Particularly when the distorted Radiohead-ish background sounds start to kick in during the final quarter.

Give it a full listen for its duration and see for yourself. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but I’m definitely a fan. And if you do like it, check out the rest of the 5-track EP The Idles that this tune comes from. Well worth a spin.


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