Day 123 – Dream Police

Happy New Year one and all! 2014 is all but a lingering memory and we’re now out of the blocks in time for 2015 – so I hope that the next 12 months prove to be awesome and amazing for everyone.

I was going to mark today with an extra special post that had a wealth of time and effort expended on choosing the perfect song. But after working during the day and then going to see Birdman (excellent movie btw, I thoroughly recommend it), I haven’t had the required amount of time to spend on strokey-beard musings, and have instead just picked something from the archive that sounds cool.

This is Hypnotized by Dream Police – a side project by Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi from New York punk band The Men. It’s kind of a scuzzy synth-and-psych-rock kind of deal, with a thumping bass line, crisp guitars buzz-sawing their way throughout the entire song and some Depeche Mode-esque sleazy vocals adding a subtle layer of gloss to the mix.

If you enjoy this 5 minutes slice of raucous fun, check out the rest of the recent album – also called Hypnotized – that it features on. There’s all manner of awesome stuff happening on the other tracks, ranging from Mark E Smith-esque snarls, to early Sonic Youth, by way of the Replacements and the Stooges. A veritable buffet, if you will – so tuck in and enjoy.


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