Day 121 – Kagoule

The grunge-loving part of my inner teenager is smiling with satisfaction today, thanks to this ace little tune that I discovered recently.

This is Gush by Nottingham three-piece Kagoule and it’s straight up, early 90s grunge/alt rock through and through. Think Siamese Dream-era Pumpkins with a dash of The Breeders, the kind of bass line Krist Novoselic was twanging on the softer moments of Bleach and some nice distorted Mudhoney-esque guitars.

The verse kind of reminds me of Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground, but if it was a) less sub-pop orientated and b) actually had some attitude and substance behind it. And there’s something really nice about the vocals here too – a bit nasally and spiteful but resisting the temptation to be a third rate homage to Corgan, Cornell et al.

These guys (and gal) are blazing their own trail and making their own sound and it’s great stuff to listen to. Plus it’s also really nice to see this style of music making a bit of a comeback, considering the mid 2000s alt rock revival kind of missed out the scuzzier elements of 1990s flannel-wearing grunge. More please.


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