Day 115 – Eagulls

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! If you were expecting something soft and melodic that harks back memories of festive seasons past, you may be a little disappointed. But if you’re game to listen to some interesting noise that sounds like the result of a car crash between The Cure, Joy Division and The Clash, the you’re in luck.

This is Nerve EndingsĀ by Eagulls – a group of angsty, angry-sounding chaps from Leeds whose music is a nice breath of fresh air from the typical indie rock standard. It’s distorted guitars, scratchy bass and vocals that sound like Robert Smith at his most unpleasant, and it’s great fun.

Take a listen; especially if you want something to get you fired up and confrontational when you’re about to take the family on at Pictionary. Or when there’s sprouts that someone’s for king you to eat. Grrr.



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