Day 107 – Storyman

A big thanks to my good friend Charlotte for today’s recommendation – some nice indie pop from Irish duo Storyman.

I had a full listen of their 2013 debut album This Time Round to find a suitable song to post here and there are certainly some strong contenders. I toyed with the lovely wee Crowded House-esque ditty For A Cat for a while, as well as the mid 2000s indie-sounding You Got Me, which I kind of feel is the kind of stuff that Keane were trying (and failing) to come up with. The there’s other tracks like Coming Home which go all MGMT on you and sound like a West Coast hipster’s wet dream.

But eventually I settled on the album’s second track IMUIMI instead. It’s a strange choice as it doesn’t really sound like any of the other tracks and therefore isn’t particularly reflective of the band’s oeuvre – but there’s something that I really, really like about this tune.

It’s a little New Order-ish (think Regret/True Faith era), with some nice, buzzy baselines, swelling synth in the chorus line and some great vocal work throughout. It’s also a track that has been sitting in the “waiting to be used” folder for some time now, despite the fact that I’ll happily listen to it in its entirety whenever it comes on. The timing’s just never been right to post it, as other stuff has either taken precedence or come up unexpectedly.

So enough stalling. It’s about time Storyman got a spot on the 365 New Music Project list – and you should totally check out the rest of their stuff. It’s excellent.

One slight caveat – if you want to listen to IMUIMI you’ll only be able to hear it on the Spotify link, as there’s no YouTube version. Sorry – but here’s the cat song video as a compromise.



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