Day 106 – Royal Thunder

Rip-roaring stoner rock from Atlanta, Georgia natives Royal Thunder today.

Like a heady mix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, some 70s-styled noodly, rifftastic arena rock in the vein of groups like Heart and Mountain and some Siouxsie-esque wailing, this is absolutely awesome stuff.

I’ve already posted some similarly balls-y female-fronted throwback rock groups like Electric Citizen and Ruby The Hatchet over the past couple of months, and Royal Thunder are definitely up there with the best. There’s intricate guitar work, moody atmospheric bass riffs aplenty, crashing, thrashing drums and, of course, a stunning voice to hold it together.

Because the real star here is lead singer Miny Parsonz who doesn’t so much howl at the moon, as rant, scream, curse, hiss, spit and call it a motherfucker. Her voice is phenomenal and fierce; slicing a razor sharp gash into the bands melodies and gouging out their heart and soul. It’s supremely confident and calculated, oozing menace and dripping with venom. lovely stuff indeed.

Anyhow, this is No Good taken from their 2012 album CVI. It’s awesome. Hope you like it.


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