Day 102 – Goat

We’re getting into the tail end of 2014, which means that it’s the time of year for all of those websites and magazines to start churning out their retrospective “Best Movies/Music/Books/Tech/Drugs/Penis Enlarging Equipment…” lists.

It also means that I’m trying to post some of the many songs from 2014 that I’ve found, just in case a few of them happen to be suddenly featured everywhere and for the artists to get big and famous; thus disqualifying them from inclusion.

So here’s the first – which has been bumped up my list for the sole reason that I saw it on Time Out’s best albums of 2014 list today. It’s Hide From The Sun by Swedish experimental psych-rock band Goat and it’s a glorious tune.

There’s an awful lot of LSD-inspired 70s trip rock going on here, kind of like if Jefferson Airplane had gotten seriously mashed at a Timothy Leary sit in and set off on a mushroom-fuelled musical journey. It’s bold, squelchy guitars and bass, mixed with some impressive sitar and a bunch of soulful wailing/singing over the top. It’s an East meets West, by way of ancient Babylonia, sort of vibe and I like it. A lot.

So yeah – here it is, presented before any more of those pesky music mags start to include it in their 2014 run-downs. Hope you like it.


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