Day 100 centenary bonus post – Aaron Wright

I promised a bonus post earlier today to mark the centenary of daily updates to the 365 New Music Project – and I’m delighted to announce that it’ll work as a double celebration, as the blog has just passed 2000 views this afternoon!

Considering I only ever expected a handful of friends to read this, but have so far had viewers and followers from across the US, Northern Europe and Australia, that’s just feels completely crazy to me – so a massive thanks to everyone who’s been reading so far. I hope you’re enjoying it.

I’ve been trying to fit this artist into the main daily posts for a while, but I’ve not really been able to justify his inclusion. Not because the music is of inferior quality or anything (it isn’t – it’s outstanding), and not because it’s a case of him being too famous or well-known (he’s not – but should be) – but more because I’ve been aware of his work for a long time.

And I don’t mean that in a “I heard his album when it first came out in 2011…” kind of way. If that was the case, I’d have linked to him long ago. No, it’s more because I used to play the same open mic night in Edinburgh as he did 8+ years ago – so I didn’t really think it would be in-keeping with the ethos of the blog to include this. But as this is a bonus entry, it’s fair game now 🙂

This is Edinburgh-based acoustic indie-rocker Aaron Wright and his excellent 2011 singe Trampoline. Now, I could easily have linked to his slightly more well-known, anthemic track Go On Yerself (which is equally good – go and listen to it now), but I’ve got a soft spot for Trampoline as it was one of the tunes that Aaron used to bust out on stage back in Belushis and it’s a really, really nice tune.

Hope you like it too. It’s one of the shiniest, happiest tracks I have in my collection and a great one to listen to when you want to forget about the cold, grey winter weather outside.

Cracking video as well.


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