Day 94 – William Stokes & Light On The Mountain

A bit of accordion and fiddle-inspired folk today, courtesy of a recommendation by one of my colleagues at FreeAgent Towers (btw, thanks Harry!). Well, he recommended one of the artists involved in this track at any rate – I just found the song.

This is The Hummingbird Hawk Month by singer-songwriter William Stokes, featuring Light On The Mountain (who were the band originally recommended to me).  It’s a whirling dervish of a tune; all reels, fiddles, bouncy folk attitude and swaggering, old world vocals.

I’m slightly disappointed that I don’t know much about either of the artists here, and don’t seem to be able to find a huge amount online either, but I’m keen to find more.  I’m a big fan of most things folk-y and with its Bellowhead-esque sound, this track is well up my street and I’d like to discover some additional tunes by these guys – and in particular, Light On The Mountain whose style is definitely the kind of thing I’d happily listen to a whole album’s worth of.


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