Day 90 – Snowmine

I’m in a lazy, mellow morning kind of mood today, so I’ve been scouring the archive for something slow and atmospheric that will compliment my lethargic malaise.

Now, the great thing about building up a reserve bank of songs is that I get to idly flick through them on occasions such as this – and get a second chance to appraise all of those tunes that I bookmarked after thinking “hey, this sounds pretty decent” before completely forgetting about.

This is one of those tracks. In fact, I’d actually forgotten about it completely, so stumbling back across it after a month or so was a nice wee surprise – and it’s perfect for what I’m looking for today.

The song is Rome and it’s by Brooklyn indie act Snowmine. They’re a 5-piece specialising in ambient rock and electropop and this song from their 2014 album Dialects is a cracking piece of dreamy, synth-and-strings-led music to snooze away a hungover Saturday morning with.

It’s a meandering soundscape blending trippy guitars over a swelling backdrop of synth violins and distant reverb-y vocals which I really like. I read a description which likened it to an early Stereolab track and, while I can certainly see the similarity, I think that Rome actually brings even more to the table.

So here it is.


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