Day 89 – Sarah Jarosz

I’ve posted quite a few tunes by female singer-songwriters over the past couple of months – so here’s another one to add to the mix.

This is the lovely Build Me Up From Bones by Austin, Texas bluegrass songstress Sarah Jarosz. It’s a gorgeous guitar-driven slice of soulful folk and Americana, which soars over some impressive soul-exposing lyrics and a resonant, stirring chorus line with exceptional style. I don’t often get to wax lyrical about how pretty I find a new tune, but this is certainly one that I feel justified in doing so – because it is really, really lovely.

I’d love to go into further detail about the structure of the song and the nostalgic emotions that it stirs up for me, but unfortunately time is seriously limited right now (courtesy of a Thanksgiving/birthday party double whammy), and I don’t feel like I’d do it justice in the 5 minutes I have to spare. So I’m just going to let the song do the talking.

Hope you enjoy it.


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