Day 84 – Springtime Carnivore

If you’ve read the 80-odd posts so far detailing this musical journey, you’ll probably know that I’m quite partial to new bands who specialise in throwback sounds from past eras. So this Sunday, I thought I’d throw another one into the mix.

This is Name on a Matchbook by Springtime Carnivore – aka Illinois-based multi-instrumentallist Greta Morgan – and it’s a beautiful, early 70s diva soul/folk-inspired piece of music. Light, floaty vocals mixed over a supremely catchy whistled riff and bubbly summer-pop piano/guitar sounds, it’s just a tremendously nostalgic little track that can’t fail to raise a smile.

I must confess, I hadn’t heard anything about Morgan until stumbling upon this tune on a new releases round-up from one music website or another – but I’m very happy that I did. There’s something admirably distinctive about the sound that she comes up with which manages to somehow appear both naive and experienced as well as trusting and cynical. It’s the kind of thing that should be played in a grimy downtown rock club in San Francisco; where its stark contrast to the usual proto-punk sounds would have the maximum effect.

For me, it’s a tune that commands attention – not as a balls-to-the-wall, high octane statement, but more as a jarring “fuck me, what was that?” kind of thing that goes beyond its mere candy-sweet pop exterior before gnawing away at your brain like a musical parasite.

Anyhow, check out the rest of Springtime Carnivore’s eponymous debut album for more great examples of fuzzy musical goodness; particularly the opening 5-track salvo that meanders through psychedelia, rock, twee ballads and indie pop with aplomb. It’s all great fun, but I still have the biggest soft spot for this song in particular. Hope you like it.


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