Day 76 – The Love Junkies

One of these days I’m actually going to get round to writing a proper post on a Saturday rather than quickly rushing one when I have a spare five minutes. So apologies for another short weekend post.

However – let me make it up to you. This is Baby Come Home by Australian rockers The Love Junkies and, if like me, you’re a fan of old school grunge and post-punk then you should like this too.

It’s a dirty, proto-grunge dirge with a scuzzy bass riff that leads the melancholy verse before some trashy Hives-esque guitars rip up the chorus. And its just a great piece of unashamed,  plaid flannel-wearing, denim-ripping, sweat-laced 90s throwback nostalgia.

Hopefully I’ll be back with something a little longer/in-depth tomorrow. Enjoy!


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