Day 74 – Golden Fable

Although I write each of these posts on the same day as I actually publish them, I do still try and plan what songs I’ll be featuring in advance. But once in a while, something new will come along and upset my schedule; and this is one of those days.

While skimming through Spotify’s New Music Monday playlist earlier this week, I bookmarked today’s band Golden Fable as one to go back and listen more closely to – and now I’ve had chance to listen to their new album Ancient Blue, I felt compelled to write something about them.

This track is Breathe In, and it’s one of the singles that the Welsh three-piece have already released from the LP. It’s a really nice mix of wistful operatic soprano vocals from lead singer Rebecca Palin (think Feist spliced together with some Aled Jones-esque choral stylings), scratchy guitars, beats, synth and a swelling string section which I have really liked listening to over the past day or so.

It’s ambitious stuff that aims squarely for an epic, landscape-y folk sound underpinned with some modern instrumental rock sounds. And as I’ve been a fan of rock/folk mashups since I was a kid, I’m very much enjoying this Celtic dance-rock style indeed. It’s kind of the result I’d expect from locking Enya, The Levellers and Public Service Broadcasting in a room together with a liberal helping of mushrooms to help get the creative juices flowing; and I love it.

Check out Armour, Southern Climes and Fight The Echo for some more great examples of their style which are well worth listening to – but for me, this is still the stand out.


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