Day 68 – Bleached

It’s a grey and windy Friday in Edinburgh, so I’ve been spending the day projecting sunnier vibes through some cheery music. And, as the weekend’s almost here, I thought I’d share some here too.

This is Next Stop by LA sister act Bleached and its a great piece of surf post-punk pop to smile and bounce along to. Kind of like a blend of Siouxsie, the Ramones, Misfits and Blondie that’s been sent through a tumble dryer a few times, it’s a dreamy, whiplashed slice of guitar-driven attitude peppered with shiny pop vocals.

Some of the composition during the verse sections even reminds me of some of the punkier alt-rock moments of early REM (think circa Pretty Persuasion), and there are times where Jennifer and Jessica Clavin’s voices veer into late 80s Michael Stipe-esque melodic mumbling – which is certainly no bad thing. It’s fun, thrashy stuff that I’ve been really enjoying and is the kind of tune that you’d want to belt out of the stereo of your convertible on a Highway 1 road trip.

I’ve not listened to the rest of their 2013 debut Ride Your heart yet, but I’m intrigued to hear the rest of the tunes these awesome ladies have come up with. Hopefully it’ll all be as good as this.


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