Day 66 – Fake Major

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Scottish band on here, so here’s a wee slice of Caledonian indie folkish-rock for today from Glasgow duo Fake Major.

Now, I’d been kind of aware of Richard Ferguson and David McGinty from their tenure in the criminally overlooked Scottish indie band Endor (seriously, go and look that group up. They were awesome.) But I actually hadn’t realised that a) Endor had called it a day or that b) they had founded a new group from the ashes until I did some random Googling a week or so ago.

As a result, I stumbled across the debut EP from their new alias Fake Major – and after giving it a play through I’ve chosen the opening track Little Researcher to include here.

This is a great broody wee song, with atmospheric background guitars that switch between acoustic and electric, loud and soft with competent ease. It’s dreamy in places, led with a lovely dual vocal performance that recalls the quieter moments of other Scottish acts like Idlewild and Frightened Rabbit. The result is a lovely, layered piece of indie rock that kind of sounds like the sort of thing Snow Patrol could potentially have come up with if they were actually good.

Take a listen to the whole EP though, because Fiction and Love in the Mundane are also well worth listening to. I’m very much looking forward to hearing a full album’s worth of material from these guys: hopefully it won’t be too far away.


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