Day 62 – Sonic Boom Six

OK, so we’re into month 3 of this challenge now and there’s still a whole host of weird and wonderful music that I have in the holding pen waiting to be posted up on this blog.

So without further ado, here’s one of the slightly more unusual offerings in the ever-growing archive. This is Virus by electric Manchester-based musical collective Sonic Boom Six and it’s absolutely ace.

The band are kind of a weird amalgamation of ska pop, grime, dubstep, metal and punk, driven by two very different vocal styles and a host of attitude in their social commentary lyrics. The result is something that lies somewhere between The Streets, The Specials and The Clash, and it’s wonderfully entertaining stuff.

Virus itself is a snarling critique of the modern world, lamenting the destitute existence of life in poverty compared to the opulence of the 1%, while savaging the general populous for allowing this unbalanced scenario to thrive. It’s angry stuff indeed and the contrast between hip hop-inspired verse and melodic, synth-tinged chorus is hugely enjoyable to listen to.

As this song was a tip from a friend (thanks again James!), I don’t really know much else about these guys, but I fully intend to have a dig around in their back catalogue and listen to some more of their musical output. Hopefully it’ll all be as good as this.


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