Day 61 – Churchill

A bit of a sad one for today – not in terms of the song (which is excellent), but for the band itself, which is sadly no longer with us. It’s not the first now-defunct group that I’ve linked to so far, but it’s still a little bit melancholy to do so.

Anyhow, this is Change by Denver 5-piece Churchill which was released last year – just a few months before the band finally called it a day. But while I could lament about the wasted potential of what their future releases could have been, I’m grateful that they got this tune out before they disbanded.

Because Change is a great song. Like really, really good.  A lovely mix of pop, alternative rock, indie and mandolin-driven ambience wrapped up in a a glorious vocal performance. Lead singer Bethany Kelly’s voice is wonderfully prominent – switching between sultry soul singer and yelping folk diva at will – and when complimented during the harmonious chorus, it becomes almost Civil Wars-esque.

This is alternative pop at its best: brash and impertinent, tinged with introspection and soulful reflection. I keep returning to it expecting the song to diminish somewhat on repeat listenings, but it hasn’t done so yet – which makes it all the more downheartening that these guys aren’t going to be around to top it.


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