Day 55 – Hope & Social

A trip back into folk rock territory today, with acoustic Leeds troubadours Hope & Social.

Now, I’ve got an incredibly soft spot for this kind of music. From 70s and 80s acid folk, New Model Army underground violin punk and Levellers-era folk rock I’ve been a sucker for anything with fiddles, banjos, clashing guitars and an unrepentant attitude.

In recent times, that’s also included stuff like Fleet Foxes, the Decemberists and some very early Mumford & Sons – and that’s kind of where today’s tune A Darkness Now is Coming   sits. It’s a high tempo tubthumper filled with dancing banjo and a killer chorus that recalls the Lumineers – all vocal harmonies, stop-start rhythm and catchy melodies.

It’s taken from their 2010 album April, so it’s right on the edge as far as eligibility for the 365 New Music Project challenge goes – but it’s just such a fun song, I couldn’t leave it out in favour of something newer by them. But if you do fancy some more recent examples of their work, their 2012 album All Our Dancing Days is certainly worth checking out.

Unfortunately I’ve not got a good video version of the tune, but hopefully this live version will do just as well.


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