Day 54 – Tensnake

I thought it might be appropriate to introduce something a little campy, stompy and uplifting into the mix today, so here’s a delicious little tune from German DJ Tensnake.

This is Pressure, which is kind of like a Nile Rodgers/Cee Lo Green/Daft Punk/Scissor Sisters mash-up of high-tempo synth pop and soul. There’s crashing keyboard riffs and an infectious dance beat looping behind some sumptuous vocals by collaborator Thabo and…it’s just awesome.

As I’ve said before, I’m not the greatest connoiseur of dance music by a long stretch of the imagination and I’d have difficulty espousing the virtues of different styles in the overall dance/club/pop genre. But I absolutely love this.

It’s shamelessly poppy, unrelentingly glam-pop-rock stomp-y and just great, great fun to listen to. The rest of Tensnake’s 2014 album Glow is pretty good too, but this is easily the most enjoyably cheery tune on there – and definitely something that deserves more airplay and exposure over here than it has.

Take a listen and see what you think.


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