Day 49 – To Kill A King

It’s an indie folk kind of Sunday, so here’s a gorgeous wee tune from Leeds band To Kill A King to round off the week.

This is Funeral, taken from their 2013 album Cannibals With Cutlery, and it’s a great poppy, folksy kind of indie-rock tune. Think Frightened Rabbit meets Two Door Cinema Club via a detour through The National and Grizzly Bear territory – and you’ve got the gist of what this is all about.

Lead singer Ralph Pelleymounter’s soulful vocals are a treat here – kind of similar to Young The Giant or the Fleet Foxes, and which drive the melody through its playful opening guitar lick right through to its swelling orchestral crescendo of horns and cymbals. It’s stirring stuff indeed; the kind of song you could imagine a Glastonbury set ending on as the crowd wave lighters and sing along to the chorus in unison.

I’ve not properly listened to the rest of the album, but I’ve liked what little I have done so far while skimming it. I’m definitely keen to explore it further, but this was certainly the song that best caught my attention and which I wanted to share.

Back to some faster rock tomorrow – stay tuned to find out what it is…



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