Day 45 – Dwntwn

A return to ambient indie today with a lovely wee tune from LA 4-piece Dwntwn.

This is Til Tomorrow, a nice, lilting piece of indie pop-rock that I’ve been listening to a lot over the past week. Kind of a mix of contemporary West Coast soft rock, indietronic and 80s pop rock, there’s bits of Empire of the Sun, Carousel, Strange Talk and Crystal Castles all bubbling away here to create something catchy, mellow and atmospheric.

The dual vocals are a nice touch here, and there’s an exceptional, minor key bridge between verse and upbeat chorus that elevates the song from a typical 2010s indie sound into something a bit more deep and complex. And the verging-on-bubblegum-pop vocals manage to keep it uplifting and fun rather than straying into over-wrought or pretentious territory.

The rest of their recent eponymous EP is also worth checking out – including Missing You and Heroine – and I’m intrigued to hear what a full album’s worth of material will sound like. I have to confess that this particular style of music isn’t my usual go-to playlist material, but i’m really liking what these guys come up with.

It’s ideal music for blasting from the stereo of a 1960s convertible while heading out into the Nevada desert on a road trip to nowhere – kind of the opening, mellow prelude before you start putting the really bizarre stuff on.


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