Day 44 – The Sea The Sea

It’s a switch back to folkier climates today with a song that I’ve been dying to post for ages but didn’t quite get round to it until now.

This is the amazing Love We Are We Love by Albany N.Y duo The Sea The Sea and it’s a tune that’s been a mainstay of my new music playlist for the past 2 months. It’s indie-folk at its finest, combining elements of troubadouring bands like The Decemberists with the vocal harmonies of partnerships such as The Civil Wars to create a thumping, acoustic guitar-driven musical gem.

The vocal stylings are the big success here, starting a cappella and weaving in and out of each other until the music takes hold and carries both voices onwards and upwards throughout the rest of the song. It’s intricate, gorgeous stuff in the same vein as Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal, but with a bit more passion and oomph behind it.

If you get the chance, listen to some of the other tracks on their 2014 debut album (also called Love We Are We Love) which are equally folksy and interesting – although, personally, I think this one trumps the others. It’s a great piece of songwriting.


And here’s an acoustic version of the song from YouTube. Just as lovely, but without the wider studio trickery that amplifies and beefs the tune up.

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