Day 42 – BRONCHO

I’d originally planned to post something a bit mellow and slow for today, but after a surreal and immensely fun day of randomness I’ve decided to go with a slightly more upbeat choice.

This is Class Historian by Oklahoma roughneck pop-punk quartet BRONCHO and it’s excellent fun. Combining a sort of Weezer-y, Pavement-esque indie rock sensibility with some phonetic “doot-doot-dooting” that sound like they could have been lifted from a 70s French pop effort, it’s an interesting mesh of styles that’s quite unlike anything else I’ve heard so far in the past 6 weeks.

There’s something nicely infectious about this tune that really makes me want to block out 40 minutes so I can listen to the whole of their 2014 album Just Enough Hip to be Woman to see if it’s all like this (which would be awesome) or if this is simply a standalone example of musical intrigue (which would be less awesome). But until then, I’d happily have this on my playlist purely to cheer me up.


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