Day 40 – Distant Cousins

Happy Friday! Before I get started today I’d just like to say a big thank you to the 25 or so followers who have subscribed to this blog already – thanks for letting me into your inbox every day and I really hope you like everything so far.

Today, I’ve got this neat wee tune from Los Angeles three-piece Distant Cousins. If their debut EP is anything to go by they’re ordinarily a country-pop influenced band, with occasional bits of Coldplay-esque grandiose thrown in for good measure, but this particular song is a bit of a departure from that style and I really like it.

The song is Raise It Up and it’s an interesting mix of rock, soul and piano pop. I think the best way to describe it is this: imagine the kind of folk-blues inspired tracks that Moby came up with on Play and that’s pretty much the intro and verse to this song. But then once the chorus hits it switches into a Scissor Sisters-like disco/dance beat instead. It should be a jarring and difficult bridge between those two styles, but it works nicely here and the result is a tight 2-minute long piece of interesting pop music.

See what you think.


And here’s the Spotify link should you want it too.

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