Day 39 – Katie Malco

Something a bit less frenetic today, with some lovely sounds from London-based Scottish songstress Katie Malco.

Now, I’ve been in two minds about the song choice for this post, so I’ve decided I’m going to mention some of her other stuff that I think is well worth listening to first, before I get round to actually posting the tune that I like the best.

Basically, you should listen to her 2013 EP Tearing Ventricles. Like right now – stop what you’re doing and take 20 minutes to listen to the whole thing. It’s five songs worth of harrowing, sorrowful, hearth-wrenching emotion that will leave you drained and feeling like you’ve been dragged down the jagged pathways through her soul.

Recorded in a hall with just a piano as accompaniment, Malcos voice is a hauntingly powerful tour-de-force; quivering, breathless and wrought from one moment but then full of fire and anger the next, driving each tune on with a relentless wave of emotional outpouring. At times it’s difficult to listen to, but each song is expertly put together and hauntingly beautiful so it’s well, well worth staying with it all the way through.

But despite how great Tearing Ventricles is, I couldn’t settle on a specific song from it (although at a stretch you should definitely check out Wake Up and Fight, which is excellent). So instead, I’ve picked the opening track from her 2011 EP Katie Malco and the Slow Parade – the wonderfully whimsical Laa Dee Daa. It’s a completely different style of song, all folky and acoustic guitar-led, but it’s still absolutely bloody lovely.

I’m really keen to hear a full album’s worth of songs from her so, hopefully, it won’t be long until one comes out.


If you’re not a Spotify customer, you can hear the track on her band camp page here:

Or you can watch the official video for her single September on YouTube.


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