Day 38 – Black Light Burns

A quick post today to highlight the dark and twisty work of industrial rock band Black Light Burns.

Fronted by on-off Limp Bizkit bassist Wes Borland (yes the guy in the skeleton costume on the roof in the Rollin’ video), these guys are a great warped, quirky slice of off-the-beaten track grungy, rocky goodness.

This song, Your Head Will Be Rotting On A Spike, is a great example of the musical variety that Borland now displays. For a guy that was involved with one of the biggest names in the nu-metal scene, this is a radical departure from his earlier work – all broody and Nine Inch Nails-esque rather than shouty, vacuous and obnoxious like a lot of Bizkit’s hits were.

The dirty, scuzzy baseline here is a treat, accompanied with aplomb by some nice drum and distorted guitars and some breathy, Reznor-like menace in the vocals. It’s a wonderful mesh of sounds and style and I think its just awesome.

(Big shout out to James at FreeAgent for the tip – along with numerous other suggestions he made for songs/bands to feature on the list. I’m still working through them all!)


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