Day 29 – Electric Citizen

I’ve accidentally ended up using two similarly-sounding band names in a row here (following Electric Guest yesterday), but thankfully there is little correlation in style between the two of them.

This is Beggar’s Need from Ohio-based heavy rock group Electric Citizen and it is awesome. I said at the start of the challenge that I really wanted to find a few songs and bands that blow me away during the year-long search for new music and this is certainly one of those.

The only way I can really describe this 60s West Coast rock/70s British psychedelia metal-infused gloriousness is this: imagine if early-era Black Sabbath ditched Ozzy, went out on the town and got Stevie Nicks completely wasted and then all decamped back to Geezer Butler’s pad and recorded some tunes. The resulting lovechild would essentially be the entirety of Electric Citizen’s 2014 debut Sateen.

This particular song is the opening track on the album and there’s nothing that I don’t like here. It’s harking back to original metal and hard rock rather than the pastiche-y pish that gets trotted out by third rate Maiden wannabes, and the utilisation of a phenomenal front-woman just elevates it further. The whole thing is a bombastic cacophony of tight guitars and paint-strippingly powerful vocals that I’d be happy to spend an entire afternoon listening to.

I suppose it’s a little weird to think that this is the kind of stuff which would have been headlining enormous cauldron-like venues 30-40 years ago, but you’re more likely to find it being played out on smaller, more intimate stages these days. But I imagine it would still sound amazing.


And a Spotify link if you’re interested in bookmarking the album.

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