Day 27 – Flowers

We’re clinging on to the final scraps of sunshine here in Scotland, so before autumn properly kicks in I’ve decided to post something a little brighter and summer-y.

This is All Over Again, by London indie pop trio Flowers and it’s bloody lovely. Kind of like an unholy alliance between Belle & Sebastian, the early 90s shoegazing movement and an angelic solo choral star, it’s a dreamy, flowery ear-worm of a tune.

The vocals, in particular, are stunning here – and judging by the videos of the band performing live on YouTube, there’s no studio trickery or enhancements going on here. That’s all her in its cherubic songbird glory, dancing away over the tightly knit guitar and drums backing. Sure it’s not the most emotionally resonant of sentiments lyrically, but I could happily while away an afternoon lying in the park with this in my headphones.

Their debut album Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do is filled with much of the same kind of stuff, so if you like this it’s likely that you’ll enjoy the rest of their output.


And here’s a live version of the same tune. Quality not quite as great, but should give a good idea of what they’re about.

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