Day 25 – Father John Misty

A quick one today, and a slight slow-down in tempo for this chilled-out Thursday afternoon.

This is the fantastic Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Father John Misty – the alter ego of former Fleet Foxes drummer and solo singer-songwriter J. Tillman.

Now I’m not really much of a fan of his earlier stuff, but this tune from his 2012 album Fear Fun (the first he recorded as Father John Misty) is awesome. It’s a psychedelic tour-de-force full of big guitars, lashings of atmospheric sustain and some excellent, lonesome, sombre vocals. And, with it’s slightly 70s prog-rock/slightly Gram Parsons-esque attitude, it’s quite unlike anything I’ve heard recently.

As an aside, when I started doing some research about Misty and his other musical egos, I quickly found myself spiralling down a whirlpool of extreme hipsterism. There are scores of interviews and album reviews filled with 100-word analytical musings where a simple 3-word description would do, and it’s clear that many, many musos are unashamedly keen to give the guy a full-on literary felating.

But despite this, I just can’t hold that against him. Hipster icon or not – it’s a great album and a brilliant song.


And here’s the Spotify link.

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