Day 19 – Dead Sea Souls

First day of post-referendum Scotland and judging by some of the sentiment on the web (and my Facebook feed), there’s a fair bit of doom and gloom in the air. It’s certainly been a divisive issue and as I said before, this isn’t the time or place to get into the nitty gritty of it.

What is necessary, however, is some uplifting music – so here’s the last post in this impromptu 3-part Scottish-flavoured series. And today’s offering is indeed, I’m delighted to say, a pretty joyful piece of perky indie/folk-pop.

These guys are Dead Sea Souls from West Lothian, and they’re a kind of funky/indie/folk/rock/disco collective. Eschewing the usual easy listening jangly indie Scot-rock that many others currently rely on, they instead bounce around like fevered funksters with slick guitars and punchy vocals that don’t try to disguise their East Coast roots.

Their debut EP We Were Always Electric good fun and has a couple of great wee tunes on it that are well worth a listen, but I’ve chosen The Comet from their latest AA-side single instead.

This is an awesome song, with a verse speckled with the kind of exotic-sounding guitar work that heralds the Caribbean/South African sound that many mid 80s groups used to strive for, and a rousing shout-along chorus. It’s cheery, bouncy, bright and a little boisterous and it’s quite different to a lot of the other stuff that I’ve come across so far on this musical journey. Hell, it’s pretty different from the rest of the stuff that the band themselves are doing – which is why it gets a slot here.

Take a listen.


And for the non Spotify-compliant readers, here’s a video of the band doing an acoustic version. Unfortunately you don’t get quite the same experience of the great electric guitar work, but it’s still pretty good.

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