Day 15 – Scoundrels

I’ve decided that Mondays should really be reserved for some nut-stonkingly excellent tunes that blow away the cobwebs and get me ready for the week ahead – so without further ado here’s the song I’ve chosen for that very purpose today.

This is Just Can’t See It Through, by London blues-rock band Scoundrels – a riff-tastic piece of dirty, rocky goodness that I absolutely loved from the first time I heard it. Unfortunately I can’t quite remember how that came about (although it was probably on a late night trawl through some of the more obscure Spotify playlists), but I’m glad I stumbled across it.

The rest of their eponymous debut is well worth a listen too, combining some really nice twangy country-inspired road anthems with some  Skynrd-esque Southern swagger and even a smidge of early Zappa in places. But the opening track is still, in my opinion, the best of the bunch.

Happy Monday!


And again, if you don’t have access to Spotify, here’s an on-tour version of the song. It’s missing the opening intro (i.e., the best bit), but hopefully you’ll get the idea…


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