Day 14 – KONGOS

As week 2 draws to a close, here’s a little bit of South African-inspired alternative rock and kwaito to while away Sunday evening.

These guys are KONGOS, four brothers from Johannesburg – and sons of legendary South African singer John Kongos (hence the band name) – who now live and record out of Phoenix, AZ.

I don’t know much about them, as their debut album Lunatic is on very limited availability on UK music streaming sites, but if it’s as good as this single Come With Me Now then I’m very keen on finding out more. They’ve sold m0re than a million copies of this song over in the US and it’s been featured as the official anthem of a recent WWE pay-per-view, but from what I can see, they haven’t made much of an impression here – which is a shame because it’s tremendous fun.

At times it kind of sounds a little Kasabian-y, but meatier and with more attitude. And then there’s that killer chorus; the kind of chant-y, hands in the air stuff that would make for a fantastic festival crowd-pleaser. More please…

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