Day 9 – Ingrid Michaelson

Things have been a bit rock and indie-orientated so far, so here’s something a bit lighter for day 9. (And a big thanks to Charlotte for this particular tip.)

This is Home by New York-based indie-pop singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. It’s a lovely slice of wistful pop and kind of sounds like the sort of thing Feist would come up with if she had a fuller backing band behind her. Sure it gets a little same-y in places, but the melody is dreamy and charming enough to carry things through until it starts crescendoing into its second chorus climax.

According to her Wikipedia page, Michaelson  seems to have had some moderate success over in the US but not over on these shores – so she firmly qualifies for inclusion in the challenge. And if you like the sound of this, check out the rest of the songs on her 2014 album Lights Out which are equally excellent.


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One Response to Day 9 – Ingrid Michaelson

  1. She is wonderful. Not every song is a “must listen every day” track, but others grow on you – like “Everyone Is Gonna Love Me Now.” Also, this album made me go check out Storyman, who have one of the best lines ever in one of their tracks, “For A Cat” which goes “I like the way that you dress, you’re not afraid to let go, it’s like you fell through a wardrobe and into the snow”. Makes me smile every time I hear it – Storyman are up there in my top five faves right now.


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