I think the decision to leave a 10-day gap between setting up the blog and starting the challenge for real may actually have been a brilliant move.

I had considered just jumping in, digging through numerous playlists and trying to find something awesome first time out, but this enforced waiting time has given me the opportunity to set some groundwork in place and get a few ideas for the first couple of weeks.

But the best thing is that, since sharing the idea with friends on Facebook, I’ve already had suggestions for music to listen to. OK, so not all of them fit the criteria I’ve set (read the rules people!), but there are certainly acts there that I’ve never heard of, which have already been getting an airing on Spotify to warm up my eardrums for the aural assault of the next 12 months. 

And you know what? Some of it is absolutely brilliant. I’d been worried that much of the stuff I’d end up posting would fall into the “meh, it’s OK I guess, but not amazing or anything” category, but I’ve now got a renewed vigour for the project. One album that was suggested by a friend of a friend is honestly the best thing I’ve listened to for years. I’ve not been tempted to skip a track yet, and it’s the first time in ages that the experience of previously undiscovered music has put a proper smile on my face.

I bloody love that.  

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